Justice for Melissa

Twenty five years ago last month my sister Melissa Hunt (Hallett) was beaten to death and her body dumped in a remote dam in the Newcastle region, NSW, Australia.

An inquest had two main suspects before it was ended abruptly and information handed to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). Unfortunately nothing has happened since.

There was some attempt we believe to examine DNA evidence in 2000 and Operation Impey was created in a renewed effort to find Melissa’s killer.

Still nothing.

Recently an unknown person left comments on another post on this blog, speculating about who might be implicated. Obviously this was disturbing, the information was given to Crimestoppers.

Still nothing.

On Anzac Day April 25, 2019 – 25 years to the day since Melissa’s body was discovered in Burrenjim Dam, I visited the dam with some family members, to reclaim that place and that day and to bring (symbolically and spiritually) dark secrets into the light.

This video tells the story. Please watch, share and come forward if you know anything.


7 thoughts on “Justice for Melissa

  1. Wow -that is amazing you visited the dam 25 years later April 25th .thats a lot of spirits watching over you.anzacs and anniversary.yes its me again .I Hope you find the truth.i don’t mean to disturb you.its just that I have woken up .and I C things others don’t see

  2. The day you posted this article Peter /justice for Melissa./is my mothers birthday.she is still alive.though my father is dead May 10th

  3. I have been following this sad case for 25 years. I knew Melissa in school in Berry.
    It is so sad that all these years have passed and still no justice has been served.
    My love and prayers to you and your family Peter.

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