Child Sponsorship

When the outcome of an organisation’s performance is literally a matter of life and death for those being helped, there is no room for a backward step, even in the face of a global financial crisis.

Add to this the powerful Christian imperative for justice and mercy and it is no wonder that not-for-profit organisations, World Vision and Compassion, have not given an inch to the economic downturn.

This is despite figures from the July 2009 Managing in a Downturn survey, issued by Price Waterhouse Cooper, which shows that 60 per cent of not-for-profit organisations in Australia report income decreases over the past six months, and almost one-third experienced very significant drops in income of more than 10%. Two-thirds of respondents expect their total income to continue to decrease in the next year.

While both World Vision and Compassion have experienced some falling numbers as Australians are impacted by tough times, both have found ways to maintain and even increase their supporter base and aid to those in need.

‘When we in Australia tighten our belts, it means we mightn’t eat out as much,’ said Cameron Watson, Head of Marketing for World Vision Australia. ‘But for someone overseas, when the price of rice goes up 100 per cent, it means that they simply do not eat.’

First published in Alive magazine.

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