Battling Drought


In a small church in Ariah Park, NSW, where the Uniting and Baptist congregations share a minister, they sat down one Sunday to have a talk about the drought.

These Christian families – many from farms and some from the small township of 200 – made time and space to allow faith to meet hardship, stolid endurance to meet the pressure of today’s big dry.

“The older fellows shared how they got through the various droughts and that was encouraging. It reminded us to trust God and that he would eventually send through the rain,” says Helen Harper of the property “Kurrajong Falls”.

“Then one of the young fellows said that while it was good to remember that God does not test us beyond our strength, all he could say was that it must be getting close.”

Moments like these, where farmers have the opportunity to share their feelings and feel the solidarity of others are vital for surviving prolonged drought, according to Helen. It is particularly important for the men who otherwise are prone to “bottling up” their feelings.

Despite good rain in some areas in March, all of NSW, much of Victoria and western Qld and parts of South Australia and West Australia were still drought declared..

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