Mark McCrindle

Massive generational change in leadership is about to sweep Australian churches and Christian organisations with about 40 per cent of current leaders approaching retirement in the next decade, leading to a pressing need for succession planning.

This is one effect of what social researcher, Mark McCrindle, calls a demographic ‘perfect storm’ which features a doubling of the population, halving of the birth rate and a rapid aging of the population when compared to the Australia of recent history.

In this new season, younger generations with completely different outlooks on life and leadership will be moving into roles of significant leadership across the Christian community.

McCrindle Research is an agency specialising in the fields of social trends, generational studies and demographic shifts. Founder of the business, Mark McCrindle, is a committed Christian, elder in his local church and preacher, and while much of his business is with secular clients, he has a unique insight into how social trends will impact church decision making.

While he is positive about the church’s willingness to consider social change and cultural shifts as part of their planning processes, he urges more serious consideration of these trends.

“The hype the media delivers us day by day is built on a short news cycle so today it’s pig flu and before that it was the global financial crisis,” McCrindle said.

First published in Alive magazine.

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