Tony Anthony

Tony Anthony’s main goal in life is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to every person on the planet.

This might seem like an unreachable dream except in the past two years Tony says he has spoken before nearly 6 million people, and his book has been translated into 30 languages. Add to this the work of another 176 evangelists who are registered with Avanti Ministries (founded by Tony) and plans for a major internet presence, and the target of 7 billion no longer looks out of the question.

Everything Tony does is passionate and determined, no doubt drawing on his Italian-Chinese heritage. And just as he ‘flung’ himself into violence and crime in his early years, he is now directing his considerable energies to championing the cause of the God who saved him.

Though mainly known for his amazing testimony which is the ‘drawcard’ of his preaching, Tony has certainly not allowed his past to box him in. He has, with the assistance of key mentors and support of family, built a flourishing, expanding Christian evangelistic ministry which sees him travelling up to seven months in the year.

Still, it all begins with his story of a personal encounter with the living God and the radical transformation of his life, a testimony he gives hundreds of times every year, and has done since his conversion on May 3, 1990.

First published in Alive magazine.

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