Philip Yancey

Best-selling Christian author Philip Yancey.

Jeremiah was thrown in a well. Zechariah was stoned in the courtyard of the temple. John the Baptist was beheaded and Philip Yancey gets hate mail.

A reluctant prophet, award-winning author Yancey begrudgingly accepts the role of prophet to the church and society – with conditions

“I suppose the one way I would accept that label is that prophets are free-lancers. Beholden to no-one, they are out there on their own, not getting paid by the establishment, often a burr in the side of the establishment,” Yancey told Alive.

“That is the role I believe I’ve been given by God and I need to cling to that. I’ll accept that part of being a prophet, not the ‘Thus sayeth the Lord’ type. To me it’s, ‘What in the world did the Lord say?’ That’s my voice and I try to articulate that voice.”

And it’s voice that clearly resonates with the Christian community across the world, including Australia. His 11 books have sold more than five million copies making him one of the best read and most influential authors of our time. His second visit to Australia revealed a dedicated following across the generations as people crammed venues to…

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