Darlene Zschech

Darelene ZschechI find it hard to write a song that does God justice, to be honest.”

When the person saying this is Darlene Zschech, whose songs about God are being sung by millions around the world, then we had better stop and listen.

It tells us a lot about God (his goodness is “beyond words”, says Darlene) but also something of the heart and humility of a woman who has become synonymous with the fresh wave of contemporary praise and worship sweeping the globe.

So much so, that she has received an award from the American Gospel Music Association in Nashville for having International Impact – one of only a handful of its kind given annually.

She was also asked to be a part of the first-ever worship night staged during the Gospel Music Week awards, on stage with some of the biggest names in Christian music.

The main thrill for Darlene, apart from ministering with songwriters and musicians that she has long admired, was that worship had found centre-place in the heartland of Christian music internationally. “It’s just God’s time,” she said.

When she comes home to Sydney from amazing international events such as this, she is Darlene Zschech the wife of Mark…


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