Be exhausted for God

The word exhaust literally means to empty or drain completely of resources. We use it to mean we are very tired but it goes deeper than weariness, and includes an emptying out of any capacity we have to give. Sounds like something to avoid but Oswald Chambers has this to say today in My Utmost […]

Pouring water into the ocean

Why do we travel to other countries to share our lives? Is it because we think our way is better than theirs? Or because we are driven by guilt or obligation? In fact relationship is the key. God works through relationship and in today’s world, relationships can take us anywhere on the planet. The beauty […]

Hardware handshake

There are two competing hardware stores on opposite corners of Booth St, Annandale and I’ve always wondered how they survive in such a small shopping area and how they get along. Both stores appear fiercely competitive for the passing trade and it would not have surprised me if their was animosity between the two. Afterall, […]

Heaven is particular

“There isn’t a soul in the world whom Heaven doesn’t regard in a particular fashion. There isn’t a sigh or a word that Heaven fails to hear.” The angel Malchiah speaking in Anne Rice’s novel, Angel Time. We are personal beings despite relentless forces to de-personalise us. We are ‘particular’ and are known by God […]