Peter HallettThanks for checking out Utterance which I’ve been writing since April 2009 as a place to reflect on my own life, the world and our interactions with God.

Utterance means, among other things, “any speech sequence consisting of one or more words and preceded and followed by silence.”

This conveyed to me the idea of stopping and thinking, expressing your thoughts, and then resting again – hence the tag line for this site – breath | speak | breath. From time to time I add another word, perhaps reflective of what I am thinking and feeling at the time.

So if there is an overriding theme for Utterance (the blog) it is to take a considered view of life, share those thoughts, and then, ideally, think on them again.

This might cover the things seen around me in the city of Sydney or in other places on the planet I travel to. It might include the ‘news’ and perhaps the ancient. I’ve found myself compelled to write about the nature of things and to try and understand the nature of myself.

Hopefully you will find some of what is written engaging and comments are welcome, as are contributions from guest bloggers – let me know via a comment on this page (which I will keep private) if you have something short or longer to say.

You might also find some efforts at fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, photography (phoetry as I sometimes call it), stream of consciousness, apologetics, and news reporting.

I have worked professionally as a newspaper journalist and editor, a magazine freelancer, a columnist and media consultant. I’m currently a journalist/writer for independent Christian charity, HammondCare.

I have served as a pastor, church planter, preacher and community chaplain as well as being heavily involved in cross-cultural aid, development and community building.

And for nine months I worked as case worker for NSW Community Services, working with children and young people in out of home care.

Finally, and most importantly, I am a follower of Christ, have been married for nearly 30 years, have raised three children and am a son and brother. Thanks again for visiting.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Great format on your blog there, nice layout. I see you like Philip Yancey, great author. Have you read Rumors? Check my book review Oct.24,2011.


    “Lov’n the Lord & Liv’n the Life…”

  2. Because of a mutual interest in family, poetry, spirituality and sydney I would appreciate you looking at my blog and poetry. I would value your constructive criticism. Thanks from Lesley T. ( I love the name of your blog, the profile photo at the top with the 4 words and found your perspective on Kate of MC fame interesting.)

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