My Books

The Letter of James
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Faith Revolution

Non-fiction – Christian motivational, devotional

James loved his brother Jesus, no doubt, but that didn’t translate into following him. Until, that is, he had a faith revolution through an encounter with the Living Christ. Everything changed for James… and we need this too.

Experience your own Faith Revolution through the words of James, arranged into 55 daily readings. For example:

“James gives us two simple steps to slow the march of anger in our life – be quick to listen and slow to speak.” FaithRev 11

“To stop with just words is to doubt that God can come through. We rob ourselves of a faith encounter and rob our brother or sister of a miracle God has for them.” FaithRev 23

“Remember, James is the champion of faith and action and the last thing he would want is for us to sit in holy huddles, wringing our hands at the state of the world, and hoping it will all be over soon.” FaithRev 50

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Adam’s Angel

Fiction – based on a true story

A boy’s courage,
a wavering angel and
the mystery of eternity…

There’s nothing more precious than the dreams of children, except perhaps those of a child facing death before his time. As Adam battles an illness that shakes the whole world with fear, are they dreams he is experiencing or something else?

Adam’s Angel is a tantalising glimpse into another world, through the eyes of a small boy and a child’s angel. But more compelling than angels wings and boyhood adventures is the encounter with the Creator of them all. A fictionalised account of real people and real events, Adam’s Angel will capture the hearts of children and adults alike.

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