Somewhere to stand

After two days of rain – warm and still relaxing – the sunshine invited us out for an early morning walk, along the breakwall and down to Port Macquarie’s Town Beach. And a reminder of where we stand…

Sun strikes horizon, beautifully

Kuta Beach may not be the cleanest in the world, but the sunsets remain untainted by tourism, pollution and souvenir sellers. It is at the junction of things that we often experience the most beauty. As the ocean beats the shore or the sun strikes the horizon we find the richest images. In life too, it is the collisions, the surprises, the challenges, the beginngings and endings that so often throw up the most strident beauty.

Beach and the blind in Bali

Rebekah searches for shells at Turtle Beach, Bali, with some of the kids from Eternity Blessed Children's Home.
Take a few Aussies with faith and give them a chance to build relationships with people in another country and culture and God can do great things. Sharing our lives is as simple as searching for shells at the beach and as supernatural as praying for sight to be¬†restored in a church service in a children’s home. We Sydneysiders¬†have been here under three days and have experienced so much already, even blue Fanta… Maybe a post on that later.