Overcoming walls, discerning calls

‘So how do you know if God is calling you into an area of ministry or service?’ the young person asked as we stirred our flat whites at Deus ex Machina. It’s a question you are asked many times as a pastor and it is rarely as black and white as people would like. I […]

The nearly most important thing

We tackle some heavy issues here at Utterance but this is serious stuff tonight. Yesterday I found a large take away coffee on Norton St for just $3. That’s right, $3 – at least $1.10 below the usual premium rate you pay for coffee in Little Italy. This cheap brew is hiding away in the […]

Newtown south eats bacon

Past Camden St where my second cousin Roy, blind, died after a fall. Park somewhere down Holt St because it’s before 10am and a clearway on King. Judy rings, “I’ve been given four tickets to the Swans.” Cool. Walk with one eye on passersby, other eye on shops, cafes. Leaking water at a building site […]