Seeking the face of Jesus in Turin’s Shroud

A screen shot showing 3D modelling in progress.

‘You have to really seek the face of Jesus if you’re going to find it,’ says 3D computer graphics artist Ray Downing, the man responsible for an ambitious project to recreate the actual face of Jesus from the faint image on the Shroud of Turin. 

‘Something extraordinary had happened here. Something beyond human reason,’ said Ray describing his experience in working with the Shroud.

The incredible results feature in the History Channel’s premiere documentary, The Real face of Jesus, which screened in the US on March 30 and will again on April 3. It is unclear when it will screen in Australia. 

The 2D Shroud image transformed by 3D computer graphics

The History Channel said, ‘For the devout and curious alike, this documentary feature may bring us the closest we have ever come to seeing what Jesus actually looked like. 

‘Science and religion join together, bringing cutting-edge computer technology to an ancient stretch of fabric, and creating a living, moving 3D image of the man many believe to be Jesus Christ.’

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