Don’t hide the Spirit behind sentiment at Christmas

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Hundreds of thousands of Australians will sing Christmas carols this month at services and events organised by Christian churches.

It is a great point of connection for churches and the community and many of the carols are deeply spiritual songs that proclaim core Christian truths such as the deity of Jesus.

And while for many Australians it will be the only time in the year that they actually give voice to the faith they hide in their hearts, there is a discussion among church leaders as to what carols are actually appropriate.

The decision not to sing Jingle Bells at a Christmas service may seem fairly obvious; whether to sing  Away in a Manger may not be as clear.

Christianity Today has a discussion going on the use of Christmas carols and some issues have been raised which, frankly, never crossed my mind, and I’ve sung a few carols in my time.Read More »