Can we save Letters to God?

A few weeks ago we highlighted the US cinema release of To Save  a Life on the basis that it contains realistic portrayals of Christians and might prove to be an encouraging film for Christians and thought-provoking for others.

Despite its clear Christian production values, the film only grossed $4 million in the land of the mega church, Moral Majority and Christian right.

Apparently it is one thing to demand more of Jesus in popular culture and another thing to actually vote with your ‘seat’. As a reuslt of its poor earning in America, we may not even see it in cinemas in Australia.

Postal worker Brady with cancer patient Tyler in Letters to God

Now Letters to God is out and again producers must be nervouslty waiting to see if they will earn their money back. 

Letters to God – a film directed by one of the producers of Fireproof –  is a family drama about Tyler, a young boy who literally writes, and mails, letters to God. In the letters, Tyler speaks to God as a close friend in a way that recognises that he may meet his Maker before too long. Tyler has cancer.

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