Where to with Utterance?

So, I’ve had a very long case of writer’s block. More writer’s coma than block. More writer’s near-death experience than coma. More…

Anyway, I’m just searching for that sweet-spot of an idea for what to do next. Don’t tell me, I’ll get it eventually.

In the meantime, it did spark my interest that the 7pm Project discussed falling church attendances tonight. Tellingly, they quoted no hard statistics, quoted a minister from a denomination with famously declining membership due to its abandonment of faith, and quoted an atheist who is too young to have any idea if there is a God or not because he hasn’t lived long enough to have a single conviction tested. Or so it seemed to me.

Host Carrie Bickmore admitted her mother had dragged her along to Hillsong, Steve Price had the usual hackneyed response about churches and money and Hughesy said that if it makes people happy and gives them good values then what’s the problem. The too-young-to-know atheist pondered what would happen without the community  that religion provides, but failed to give an alternative.

Oh, and by the way, on a different note, I’m reading my first Ernest Hemingway book, Death in the Afternoon, which is non-fiction and about bullfighting… well, it was the only Hemingway available at Leichhardt Library – but already I’ve gained a few insights into his approach to writing, which may or may not be a good thing.

Huey still loves Hughesy

Dave Hughes suggested on the 7pm Project tonight that most church attenders are hypocrites. The irony was he wasn’t angry with Christians, he was actually angry with Steve Price.

Another guest on the show ridiculed Christians for having an ‘imaginary friend’.

A third suggested that the Catholics she offended last week should forgive her, because that’s what Jesus would do.

Hughesy, no doubt there are plenty of hypocrites at church – there called sinners – and the church (and the 7pm Project) are full of them.

As for the ‘imaginary friend’, He has a great imagination – he even imagined (and spoke) us all into being.

And yes Jesus does forgive, and also encourages us to speak the truth in love.

And if you don’t know what this is all about, it’s Jesus on prime time – God is definitely back on the agenda in 21st century Australian.

Australians have long irreverently, but with some appreciation, referred to God as Huey. Send it down Huey! Our love and faith that is… PH