Today I…

Today I- followed up a young person we rescued from a dangerous situation on the weekend; listened as an elderly believer shared her life story with me; lifted chairs with a man from our community lunch who used to swear constantly but now only says ‘bloody’; helped a neighbour park a car; started setting up our office after re-location; picked my wife up from work, on time; remembered to book dinner our for our anniversary tomorrow night; drove to Bowral and back for the wedding rehearsal of a young couple I’m marrying on Saturday; froze as the mist descended; hugged a friend just returned from overseas; watered my tomatoes; learned that the father of a friend has tragically died from injuries sustained in a car accident; prayed.

You’re breathing in
The highs and lows
We call it living

In this needle and haystack life
I found miracles there in your eyes
It’s no accident we’re here tonight
We are once in a lifetime

Needle and Haystack Life
Hello Hurricane


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