Off to Bali with strings in tune

Tomorrow I join a bunch of young people from our church community, and later from other churches, on a short trip to Bali where we partner with local people to run a very special children’s home.

We go with great humility to encourage, support, learn from and, hopefully, contribute to an awesome team of people – Indonesian and Australian – who make Eternity Blessed Children’s Home a reality.

We’ll take the kids to the beach; visit disadvantaged rural families; paint a wall; share in church; listen, laugh and cry with the workers and hopefully get a few moments to soak in the beauty of Bali. 

We are taking a guitar because music is a universal language and some of our team are gifted in this area. For years we’ve just tossed our acoustic in the back seat, no case, and never thought twice. Suddenly we realised this would not be good on a plane!So we bought a hard case from Ian at ArtistGuitars and he threw in some free advice. He advised us to keep the guitar correctly tuned during the flight as this keeps the neck at normal tension and protects it from bending. He said many people make the mistake of loosening all the strings, thinking this will help while the guitar is high in the sky. But in fact, it can have the opposite effect.

As we head into 2010, the advice clearly is, to stay in tune, regardless of the circumstances. When you are on holidays, keep your heart and your head right, don’t mistake relaxing for decaying. When you have put in the big effort and feel your due for a reward, stay in tune with your values and your integrity. When you are pushing through hard times and feeling a tad sorry for yourself, stay in tune with the truth that we have so much to be thankful for and that even our hard times are part of the privilege of being alive. And finally, when making the big calls and small decisions of 2010, stay in tune with His will – to love, to be holy,  available,  honest,  prayerful and humble.

Staying in tune with God will save your neck every time! PH 

PS Stay tuned for some reports from Bali

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