How are those resolutions going?

This is my 21st blog post for 2010 having boldly resolved to post every day of the year. So I’ve already broken my New Year’s resolution eight times and January is not even over! I may attempt multiple posts to catch up. Do you think that counts?

 It’s an interesting phrase when you think about it:

  • Resolution is a firm resolve to do something;
  • Re can mean “again and again” while solution means “answer” so a resolution might be coming back to the answer again and again (which sounds very much like a new year’s resolution!)
  • Tracing back to its origin, the word resolution comes from the Latin resolutionem (nom. resolutio) meaning “process of reducing things into simpler forms,” which in turn comes the stem of resolvere – “loosen”. The solution, it would seem, is in finding the simplest way forward, free of restraints.
  • Resolution in our age also refers to the fineness of detail in an image which could mean a new year’s resolution is a sharper view of life. Or a blurrier one…
  • And as for being a new year, if the only thing that changes is the date – and not your decision, your thinking, your spirit – then is it new at all?

How are you going with your New Year resolutions? PH

What do you think?

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