A few tips on blog features

Quite a few of my readers are new to the world of blogging, as am I. As more people are checking it out, and perhaps seeing a blog for the first time, I’ll explain what some of the features are.

Each post can be rated which tells me and other readers what you think is good reading. Simply choose how many stars you think the post deserves. Try to be kind.Aptly named side-bars appear on each side of the screen and contains a variety of clickable features. Many of these are widgets which are like online gadgets – little automated boxes that let you see or do something with the blog.On the left you will find:

  • Search by Tag which shows a ‘cloud’ of tags. Each post is given tags to describe what it’s about. You can click on a word in the tag cloud and find posts that relate to that word. The bigger the word in the cloud, the more posts.
  • Recent Readers shows people who have commented on Utterance. Comments are great for a blog as it can allow a kind of community dialogue to occur. If you love or hate something on Utterance, or want to communicate your own thoughts, a comment is the way to go.
  • A Picture Tells is a feed from Utterance’s Flickr photo sharing page. Just a few pics I’ve taken that I like…
  • Twutterance is a feed from Utterance on Twitter. You can follow Twutterance directly through your Twitter account or on the blog.
  • Share Utterance is a handy little button that allows you to quickly share Utterance through any social networking service you are part of, such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Feel free to share this way.
  • Links is pretty obvious. They are links to other websites you might find interesting.
  • Readers tells us how many people have visited Utterance.
  • Translate this site is a handy little app for translating the page into a variety of languages.

Over on the right side, there are a few more widgets and searches:

  • Top Rated shows the posts that are most popular with readers who used the voting option.
  • Search Pages shows you other pages other than the front page. For example, First 200 Words talks about the many articles I have written over the years and the sub-pages are the first 200 words of some of those articles.
  • RSS Updates is a way of keeping in touch with websites which have regularly updated content. Click on the link and you will be able to tell your web browser and some email programs to save a feed from Utterance which will show you new posts.
  • Utterance Email Updates which allows you to subscribe to an automated email telling you there has been a new post.
  • Just Enough Bread is an automated feed from a Bible verse of the day service.
  •  Christianity Today and CrossWalk News Feeds are RSS feeds from these two prominent Christian news outlets. The feeds will carry content from these external sites and you can click on the story links to read more.

I’ll leave this post here for a while as you get used to the world of blogging.

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