Royal Non-Easter Show bans Jesus

The Bible Society NSW  has been excitedly informing churches about its Easter All About Life stall at the Sydney Royal Easter Show with more than 200 volunteers arranged and thousands of resources purchased.

Then news broke that the stall would not go ahead because it was of a ‘religious nature’ and so the Bible Society hurriedly organised to re-distribute the Easter eggs, tracts, and Scripture resources to churches and Christian organisations for use in their own Easter activities.

Bible Society NSW, organiser of the Jesus All About Life (JAAL) multimedia campaign, has expressed dismay at not being allowed to have a JAAL stall at the Show.

‘It’s a curious thing that an event bearing the name “Easter” has disallowed anything to do with the very thing Easter is all about – the death and resurrection of Jesus,’ says CEO of Bible Society NSW, Daniel Willis.

Curious indeed… Perhaps it is concern that if one religious group is allowed entry then the floodgates will open. Surely it would be possible to carefully monitor this without the need for outright bans.

Or perhaps it is that the focus is agriculture but if that is the reasoning, they should say goodbye to side-shows and other entertainment. Afterall, it is in the country areas of Australia where churches traditionally play such a huge part in community life so to keep them out of the show seems downright un-agricultural!

Maybe the right response of the church is to withdraw permission for the Royal Agricultural Society to use the word ‘Easter’ in the show’s name on the basis that it is not of a religious nature… PH – with thanks to Eternity newspaper for some details.

One thought on “Royal Non-Easter Show bans Jesus

  1. Right of reply: In response to reports that the Jesus All About Life stall had been excluded from Sydney’s Royal Easter Show because it was of a ‘religious nature’, a spokesperson for the show said the reason was ‘not enough space’.

    ‘Regarding the exhibition space, they’ve never had any other communication other than that it was purely space-availability related,’ he said.

    ‘The only unwritten policy is that for advertising in the Main Arena, we don’t accept political or religious advertising in the Main Arena, but exhibition space is available to anybody.’

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