Strong God factor on Reserve Bank board

Two members of the Reserve Bank Board, one of Australia’s most powerful economic institutions, gave clear personal testimony to their faith in Jesus Christ in the lead up to Easter.

Speaking at Wesley Mission’s annual Easter breakfast, the Reserve Bank governor, Glen Stevens, was asked about his belief in God, to which he replied:

‘I would say that despite claims to the contrary there is a God. This is worth checking out and the critical issue people have to deal with is – was Jesus Christ who he claimed to be. If he wasn’t then you can forget about it; and if he wasn’t then I am living in a fool’s world.’

As to how his faith affects his work, he said:

‘Well, I don’t think that is any different for me than it would be for any of them [people of other occupations]. I think if you are a Christian, God has given you certain capabilities to do a job, to earn a living and the Bible teaches that you should do that as if you were doing it for Him because you are and that is my attitude.’

A few days earlier, Reserve Bank board member Roger Corbett OAM gave stirring personal testimony to Christian faith during a speech at a lunch held by Australian Marketplace Connections at NSW Parliament House.

After a brief economic overview, Mr Corbett spoke of how he had become a Christian during Billy Graham’s Sydney campaign in 1959 and how he had a strong personal relationship with Jesus.

He encouraged listeners to seek Jesus out for themselves.

Watch Alive magazine in the future for my article on the faith of these men. PH

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