Influence the future of Christian radio

Back in the bad old days of Christian radio in Sydney, you were more likely to hear a polka than a Christian song on Sydney’s only Christian radio station, then known as 2CBA-FM.

The station, now known as Hope 103.2, has come along a way in the past five years and has a strong ‘listenership’ – Christian and otherwise.

Still, a city the size of Sydney might well have deserved a second Christian station but tough competition for radio licences had restricted the number of stations to one – until now.

With the launch of digital radio in Australia, Hope 103.2 has the chance to create a second Sydney Christian radio station for the first time.

The station is offering supporters the opportunity to ‘be a vital part of creating this history making event’  by responding to an online survey and ‘letting us know the kind of music and teaching programs you would like to hear’.

So if you are opposed to the return of polka, or have other constructive suggestions, visit the survey now. PH

What do you think?

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