Jesus keeps buzzing around

Waiting to cross Parramatta Rd, I innocently checked the posters for upcoming bands at the Annandale Hotel.

Tucked away as support band for The Meanies is the triune named Stumblin Jesus Mosquito.

Last week it was Jesus as a giraffe in a contemporary art exhibition, this week… I’m not quite sure…

And then while trying to work out who the Stumblin Jesus Mosquitoes are (rumour says it’s the Wollongong band, Tumbleweed, incognito) I came across an ad for an album by Brisbane band, Violent Soho. The album title – Jesus Stole My Girlfriend (probably not a bad result).

Deep into underground band territory, it’s comforting to find that Jesus is still omnipresent. Just as well he is unconditional in his love as well. PH

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