Leichhardt goes 24/7 for World Cup

A boring looking letter arrived from Leichhardt Council yesterday, slightly damp from the persistent rain over Sydney.

Addressed to the householder, I was tempted to toss it (read recycle…) but decided to have a glance.

Turns out it was a development application covering virtually every cafe, hotel and restaurant on Norton St asking for permission to stay open 24/7 during the World Cup between June 11 and July 11! Talk about add some fire to winter!

The Forum, Norton Plaza and Palace Cinema are all included in the application – along with all the most authentic of Italian cafes.

Forget the soccer, I can’t wait to head down the street at 3am for gelato, cappuccino, amatriciana and some good old-fashioned Italian revelry!

Stay tuned for a blogestrated, middle-of-the-night, Italian food rendezvous (whoops, French origin word slipped in….) PH

5 thoughts on “Leichhardt goes 24/7 for World Cup

  1. Morbidly obese chance of you going out at 3am. And no, I’m not being ironic – the chance is indeed outrageously fat, you crazy insomniac!

  2. I was bit worried where you were going with the obese reference… Your charming comment does highlight a change in the use of language. Twenty years ago, the term ‘fat chance’ meant ‘very little chance’. Now it seems to mean the opposite.
    I’ll be sure to wake you for a 3am dash to Norton St – you can have a milkshake.

  3. no, i know what fat chance means, there’s just so many layers to my comment because i am a genius

  4. Amatriciana fettucini is my favourite pasta – especially the Bar Italia version…

    The Yancey interview was a few years ago and you can read the start of the article on the ‘First 200 Words’ page of Utterance.

    It’s not easy interviewing a journalist/author – their one step a head of you most of the way.

    I asked him about writing books and he said after deciding his topic or theme, he didn’t know what he was going to write. ‘It would be too boring,’ he said. He preferred to answer the questions and write about them as he went.

    Sounds like a plan.

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