And then there were four…

I have made a slight adjustment to Utterance in honour of my current preoccupation with fitness and the City to Surf.

A free copy of Transform Your Faith for the first person to comment on it. PH

5 thoughts on “And then there were four…

  1. Hey Peter
    city to surf hey?
    4 – don’t get it?
    Love to c u guys soon, come for visit?

  2. Hey Peter
    Good on you for taking on City to Surf! V impressive. Change is breathe – speak – breathe – JOG isn’t it?!

  3. Well done Yvette! Have added ‘jog’ to the more reflective approach of breath, speak, breath…. There will be plenting of laboured breathing during the City to Surf no doubt!!!

    Well, you win Transform Your Faith but you’e already bought one, so can I send it to someone for you?

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