Two jokes and the full text of Make it Count speeches

Make it Count at Old Parliament House on Monday night was not all serious business.

Australian Christian Lobby managing director, Jim Wallace, when introducing Kevin Rudd, said ‘Ladies and Gentleman, without further ado, can I ask you to welcome to the podium, the Prime Minister of Australia, the right honourable, sorry the honourable, Mr Kevin Rudd.’

To which Mr Rudd replied, ‘Thank your very much Jim. I gather that means I’m honourable but not right…’

Mr Abbott, in his speech, was highlighting the Coalition’s preference for smaller government and the involvement of non-government agencies in the delivery of services. To make his point he said:

‘I suspect that the Christians in the Howard government were no more or less conscious of the parable of the Good Samaritan than the Christians in the Rudd government. It’s just that we didn’t habitually identify the Good Samaritan as a government official…’

Well, you had to be there… Anyway, if you missed the webcast, fell asleep or your internet froze, you can read the full text of both Mr Rudd’s and Mr Abbott’s speeches at Australian Christian Voter’s In Depth page.

PS The heading is not making any inferences about the politicians who gave speeches…

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