How will Julia Gillard appeal to Christian voters?

Julie Gillard’s rise today to Prime Minister came just a few days too late for the thousands of Christians who watched Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott perform in the Make it Count webcast on Monday night.
Now it is back to the drawing board for Christian voters with a new Labor leader and Christian leaders, churches and commentators will be anxious to see where Gillard stands on various issues of importance to the Christian community.
Learn more about our first female and first foreign-born Prime Minister at Australian Christian Voter.

7 thoughts on “How will Julia Gillard appeal to Christian voters?

  1. Given PM Gillard is a self-confessed atheist, I am sure that doesnt bode well for Christians.

  2. Paul, do you have a reference for her being a ‘self-confessed atheist’? I’ve been looking but as yet haven’t seen a statement like this on the record.

  3. Gillard our first foreign born Prime Minister? We’ve had at least 6 foreign born Prime Ministers.

    • Your right Nick… got caught up in the early reports on Gillard’s ascension. I now have these ones – Labor party founder Chris Watson (prime minister for four months in 1904) was born in Chile, George Reid (1904-05) and Andrew Fisher (three terms between 1908 and 1915) were born in Scotland, and Joseph Cook (1913-14) and William Morris Hughes (1915-23) were English born. That’s five and Julia is sixth… Are there any others?.

  4. For a ruling political leader to declare publicly, that whilst they greatly respect other people’s religious views, they do not believe in God – even though “I grew up in the Christian church, a Christian background. I won prizes for catechism, for being able to remember Bible verses. I am steeped in that tradition, but I’ve made decisions in my adult life about my own views”, seems terribly arrogant indeed.

    Terribly arrogant and sad of Miss Gillard (Australia’s first female Prime Minister) to openly declare that she knows God – but she doesn’t need Him. But then again it begs asking if The Prime Minister personally KNOWS GOD or just knows ‘about’ Him’?

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