Remember the City2Surf, we’re still on track…

The pain started in the lower back, moved painstakingly through to the hip, on the knee and then meandered around the left calf for a while.  And this just from walking… Hopefully it has disappeared out my foot, a bit like being struck by lightening…

Despite all this (violins please) and the curly toe syndrome (ask my family) our City to Surf preparation is moving forward well – we are up to 8.5km fast walks, hills and the occasional jog.

By the time the event arrives on August 8 we’ll be blisteringly fast… or just blisters…

Check out some video of a recent ‘training session’ which, for the first time, featured the Green Lantern. And head to the City2Surf page of this blog and click on the links to sponsor us for a good cause or two.

PS Utterance now has its own YouTube channel, Uttuberance.

3 thoughts on “Remember the City2Surf, we’re still on track…

  1. SO proud of my man and two sons! Keep up the good work…. City to surf watch out the Hallett’s (men) are coming…

  2. Wives love your husbands ….. and sons. Build them up and cheer for them on the city to surf! Go Peter and boys! (another rel.)

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