Possum’s magical parade across Parramatta Rd

While driving to work at about 11.45pm yesterday, the normally frantic Parramatta Rd heading into the city was refreshingly quiet.
Which was just as well with a dignified, if slightly wobbly, possum deciding to cross the road in Camperdown.
Setting off from near Bridge St School, the possum crossed the first three lanes with one or two hesitant moments before hopping on to the median strip like some street-savvy Sydney-sider. Having slowed down to watch this part of the journey, I stopped completely as the possum continued a metre or two in front of my car.
Having seen the creature safely across I moved on, wishing I’d got my phone out to video the unusual city sight.
My last glimpse of the possum was of it sitting patiently in front of the glass sliding doors of AGL. Maybe it had a gas bill to pay…

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