Will we remember the world’s poor this election?

Everything from ear lobes to budgie smugglers to Mark Latham’s handshake has received media attention during the election campaign but quite a few serious issues have gone missing in action.

One life and death question for millions is this: Will Australia as a nation, and in particular, it’s would-be leaders, remember its responsibility towards the world’s poor?

When walking towards the start line of the City to Surf on Sunday I noticed one of the many homeless people who sleep rough in the city and was glad of two things – firstly that I noticed him and secondly that I can be grateful for what I have while sharing it to the best of my ability.

I’m sure many of my readers are the same, so let’s make sure our nation is committed to that path.

Check out Australian Christian Voter about how we call all put the poverty question to our politicians this Wednesday.

What do you think?

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