Rainbow on Broadway, Sydney

Someone recently told me God would kill me in a flood. The rainbow reminds me God has promised to never again judge the world punishable by flood. Not even me. To the contrary, he finished all earthly punishment on a Roman cross 2000 years ago, his Son the subsitutionary bearer. As we know, there are still floods and many painful things, but these are the result of a groaning disharmony in creation.
Death by flood, burning Korans, suicide bombs – these are not God’s way of dealing with us. Rainbows are…

One thought on “Rainbow on Broadway, Sydney

  1. God wants us to be transformed from the inside out, He already sent His own son not to judge the world but to redeem it.

    We are sons and daughters of His almighty and a witness of Love. Let’s love one another and work hard to preach the Gospel and lead the lost sheep to the Kingdom.

    Not to judge but to love
    Lilian Schmid

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