Lawyers, trivia and how the world was won

I woke up to a radio interview with a celebrity lawyer saying how he would have loved to defend Jesus in his crucixion trial.

The lawyer went on to say he would have gotsuccessfully defended Jesus and that Jesus was a great philosopher and reforming rabbi who had less to do with Christianity than Paul.

It was Paul, the lawyer continued, who had turned following Jesus into separate religion rather than a Jewish sect.

Objection your Honour, I said in my groggy head. Paul was a religious Jew who initially opposed followers of Jesus visciously before a dramatic change saw him become the foremost follower of Christ. Something more than philosophy going on here I think…
As if to underscore my thinking, I was walking to the bus half an hour later when I saw a discarded card from a trivia game lying on the footpath. For some trivial reason I felt compelled to pick it up.

The fourth question read, ‘Who wrote two famous letters to the Corinthians?’ I think you can guess the answer. Something more than trivia going on here I think…

And for you trivia buffs, here are the rest of the questions:

What city did the Mormons establish as their headquarters in 1847?

What movie told of Anna Anderson’s claim to be a Russian czar’s daughter?

What daughter of Czar Nicholas II is said to have escaped death in the Russian revolution?

What does copra come from?

Who were the only two Australian boxers to be world champions at the same time?

Use comments for answers…

One thought on “Lawyers, trivia and how the world was won

  1. Lawyers are amusing, God likes to amuse as well 🙂

    The trivia is hard:

    1) Salt Lake City
    2) No Idea
    3) Anne Anderson??
    4) Lettuce
    5) Jeff Fenech

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