A silence that leads to nails through hands

It’s hard having a Saviour who remained silent and weaponless even though he knew it would end with nails through his limbs.
Instead of raising his voice and his might in vindication he quietly accepted crucifixion.
Instead of shouting ‘you’re to blame!’ he whisphered ‘Father forgive them’. When he could have denounced them with ‘You are all wrong!’ he excused them with ‘they know not what they do’. Rather than marshalling his forces for a devastating counter attack, he quietly committed his spirit into his Father’s hands. What do you do with a Saviour like that?
Not that I think for a moment that the anguish I’ve experienced or the worthiness of my cause is anything to compare. My anguish and worthiness are nothing. If you think I think I’m somehow Jesus in my own story and others are Judas and Pilate and Pharisees and soldiers, then you don’t know me at all.
The real problem is that we are all so much more these others than we are Jesus. We are all the betrayers, spectators, legislators and perpetrators. It’s when we forget this and place ourselves above another that the crucifying begins.
Still, it may be that we can find some comfort in discovering how Jesus bore his infinetely greater pain while being infinetely more worthy. There truly is some comfort, but mainly a crushing, overwhelming worship when we realise how far removed from his level we really are. In such a place it should be hard to do others harm. Should be.
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Jesus’ example is his awareness of other’s suffering in the midst of his own. He was not nurturing his own pain to the exclusion of others nor pretending all was well.
‘John, here is your mother…’ He tends to the wounds of others while no one can tend to his.
He recognised that his suffering would be shared by others but was also humble and selfless enough to want God to work good in it.
And yes, of course, there was resurrection, but I don’t recall an angel flitting down and glibly mentioning this when nails and thorns and spears pierced him. Rather the skies grew suitably and ominously black, divine acknowledgment and truth telling on display. But yes, on another day, resurrection. Bring it on.

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