True or feel, right or real

In life, some of us more than others, some more than me, do not carefully plan to speak the truth, but rather cannot help but speak what they feel.
And what they feel is always the truth in that it is real, although not always right.
Anyone of us who always insists on being right will not hear those being real and in the end, will be no more successful at being right.
Those speaking what they feel will suffer longer if they cannot in turn allow their feelings to be tempered by what is right. For example, righteous anger can only be righteous for so long, before it becomes hatred. In our feelings, as real as they maybe, we sometimes need to be led by someone who is right. But you can only lead, or be led, when there is mutual respect. And respect usually comes from a deep hearing of another.
As for truth that encompasses realness of feeling and rightness of knowing, it is not abstractly known in our universe but is personally discovered in the One whose feelings are always right and real and words always true.
Which is why we find such a home, such comfort in Jesus, who knows us, hears us, is not afraid of our feelings, is not in need of correcting us, who truly respects us and covers us in righteousness by grace as he leads us into truth.
So as you listen to people today, are they trying to be right or are they just being real? The right ears will help you understand.

What do you think?

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