266 successes or 99 failures?

On January 1, 2010 I boldly proclaimed on Utterance my new year’s resolution to post to the blog daily throughout the year.
Now that we have inexorably made our way to the last day of the year, the handy WordPress stats tell me I’ve posted (from memory as I’m writing this from my non-stats accessible phone) 266 times, 99 short of my goal.
Depending on my point of view I could view this as 266 successes or 99 failures. As a perfectionist (who nevertheless has had a fair amount of perfectionism, or perhaps idealism, thrashed out of him this year) I would be inclined to fixate on the 99 missing blog posts. On the other hand, I find myself glad to still have something to say.
I reckon most of us could look back and see some kind of balance of good and not so good days; happy and not so happy experiences; rational and not so rational thoughts – apply this to every other aspect of life.
The choice now is on what we will we build the new year – 99 failures or 266 successes. Maybe you can’t find that many successes but even if there is just one, you could add to it be choosing it as your building block for 2011. One success plus God plus you may just be enough for the best year of your life!
There are no Utterance new year’s resolutions this time around – let’s just see what happens. Happy New Year…

What do you think?

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