Alpha course (very) distinct from Alpha Dynamics

An attempt was made to list on Wikipedia an article about Alan John Miller, the Australian man claiming to be Jesus who was featured on A Current Affair this week.

The article was deleted due to a lack of substantiation and references, however a discussion sprang up on a forum about the article, mainly among people concerned about relatives who have begun to follow Miller’s Divine Truth teaching.

Part of Miller’s technic is to reach searching people through a course called Alpha Dynamics, which ostensibly is about improving the use of your brain in relation to concentration, memory and better sleep. It also draws on New Age references to alpha and beta waves. The course is coordinated in Australia by Peter H. Heibloem.

As the course progresses, attendees are pushed towards the ‘real  answer’ to their worries, Divine Truth, as taught by, you guessed it, Alan Miller.

Coincidentally, or perhaps not, one of the most popular training courses being run by Christian churches recently is called Alpha and while it has nothing to do with Alpha Dynamics, there is potential for confusion.

For example, a person who contributed to the forum (mentioned above) expressed his concerns for friends entangled with Miller and refers to Alpha training.

‘Ok – so I have been searching for info about this AJ Miller out of interest, as I have a friend and his wife that have been involved with him for probably near on 2 years now. They started out doing some kind of Alpha training and then this divine love stuff was introduced later on in the piece.

‘Since they became involved with this guy and his practices – for want of a better word – they have separated (they previously had a really strong marriage and two children),  they are now with their ‘soul mates’ (who, interestingly, are also part of that group of followers and were identified by this bloke) and you can’t even really have a logical talk with them, because everything comes back to ‘processing your emotions’ and are for the most part estranged from their families.’

Apart from the obvious concerns for people who are being lured into Miller’s teaching, there arises a possible issue for the thousands of Australian churches that use the popular Alpha course.

Alpha (not Alpha Dynamics) is a free introductory course to Christianity that originated in Holy Trinity Brompton, and is attended by millions around the world. It is offered over about 10 weeks, one night a week, with attendees able to hear Biblical claims intelligently presented with a chance to discuss and comment as they wish. You are also free to leave at any time and (polite) dissenting views are welcomed.

The person concerned for his friends whose comment (above) referred to ‘Alpha training’ and it would be tragic if the real Alpha course was diminished in any way by a mistaken association with Alpha Dynamics and Alan Miller.

As media interest in Miller grows, this is an important distinction to make.

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