Pastor thanks God for his smokin’ hot wife: buggity

I’m not sure if this is a prayer or a product placement but you can’t argue with the passion of Pastor Joe Nelms, his appreciation of his wife Lisa and children, his love of Nascar racing and the “buggity, buggity, buggity” at the end of his prayer!

And where else in the world would you see a whole crowd of people, drivers included, at a race track, heads bowed and eyes closed while a pastor blesses the race meeting.

Pastor Nelms said he was tired of “cookie-cutter prayers” and wanted to get people thinking about praying.

“I want to get somebody’s attention, so that’s been our desire every time we’ve been up there, to try to make an impact on the fans and give them something they’ll remember, and maybe they’ll go home on a Friday night or a Saturday night and say, ‘Maybe I ought to get up and go to church in the morning,”

Amen and enjoy! PS Can someone tell me if that’s how to spell buggity?

STOP PRESS: I couldn’t resist – I’ve added the “song” version of the prayer… below.

What do you think?

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