Whatever happened to living for something bigger than yourself?

Whatever happened to living for something bigger than yourself? Whatever happened so that ‘whatever’ became the norm?

We have lost a measure of ourselves and so count many things as bigger and better which are much smaller and meaner than the human soul.

If we have a truer perspective of our own worth we will stop dying for trinkets and begin to live for real treasure.

If a human being contains eternity then the universe is not bigger than your next door neighbour or your own frail self.

Here’s a few other things that aren’t bigger. Well, actually, things aren’t bigger. Things with screens, scenes and sounds. Things with wheels and walls and warranties. Things with serial numbers, magnetic strips and passwords.

Fame is tiny, celebrity infinitesimal, popular opinion undetectable. The sword is nothing to live or die by and the pen is not mightier and might is not right for the selling of the soul.

We elevate intellect, emulate beauty, overrate strength. We make much of little and make little of ourselves and of others and the ties that bind and the ideas and love and kindness and loyalty that make us real, and not plastic.

Don’t get me wrong, many of the things mentioned are deeply valuable, highly prized but they pale next to you, your family, friendships, marriage, faith, hope and love – your beautiful, resilient being.

And life so rarely allows room for seeing that if we live for less we are diminished. Let us find and live for greatness which is not defined by television ratings or internet hits or dollar bills. If we are going to have all those things in our life let us not be ruled, or worse, defined by them.

People who live for small things don’t risk their life for what they believe is right. They comment from safe places. People who are diminished by worshipping false idols don’t spend themselves for the sake of others. They send a few dollars from a distance and look for the tax receipt.

We can start out living for greatness, beyond ourselves, but disappointment, loss, fear and the fine, fine voices of deceit can cause us to lose our way. We compromise and the dust of this world becomes surprisingly hard to see past.

I’ve had my times in this place of constriction but once you have tasted heaven, dust sticks in your throat and despite your weakness, you must seek the fresh air and live for more.

There are many of you out there getting smaller by the minute, dust swirling. I call you back to yourself, I call you back to even more. But don’t listen to me. The One who places eternity in jars of clay is calling. And there’s nothing bigger.

What do you think?

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