Anger is viral, on buses and closer to home

Foul and racist attacks by passengers on a bus are abhorrent. Clamouring comfortable classes taking the high ground just as bad. We don’t yell at green light negators in the silence of our traffic doom? We don’t name call and swear blindly in our political houses? We don’t rant and hate in our ivory cafe froth […]

Slowly, powerfully, turning the other cheek

“But I say, do not resist an evil person! If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also.” Jesus – Matthew 5:39 Turning the other cheek is easily misunderstood. The story is told of how the great Australian social reformer and evangelist, Rev Bob Hammond, was once confronted with this verse […]

Dennis Prince refuses to let atheist convention go unchallenged

Rupert Murdoch has been hailed as an entrepreneurial risk-taker in launching a Sunday tabloid into the “mature and declining” market of printed newspapers with his launch of the Sun on Sunday. This has not deterred Dennis Prince from launching The Regal Standard, as a direct challenge to the second Global Atheist Convention to be held in Melbourne […]

Would the real Jesus please not wear a robe?

SMH.TV has brought us another amazing documentary, this time about a man claiming to be the Messiah and living in the wilds of Siberia. Vissarion, the Teacher, Jesus… wearing a flowing white robe, sitting on the side of a hill and teaching his followers, who also are wearing flowing white garments. Vissarion’s real name is Sergey […]

Our national undertow surfaces

This morning I tweeted: ‘#AustraliaDay, like any anniversary arrives amidst strength & weakness, sorry & joy. These are acknowledged & we move on together #AusDayNSW’. Later in the day Tony Abbott said something similar and the drama pictured (7 News) unfolded. Australia Day must be a time we celebrate the nation we are and must […]

News recalls the absurd and points to the perfect

Sometimes the news gets the better of me either because it is shockingly bad, relentlessly tedious are downright absurd. If ever there was a news cycle that would lead you to covert to nihilism and start whispering ‘everything is absurd’ then the past 24 hours might just do it: A boy walks from his bedroom […]

Dear 2012, it’s nice to meet you

Dear 2012, We haven’t met yet. My name is Utterance and I’m a blog. Sorry I haven’t said hello earlier but it has taken a touch of insomnia from my mate Pete to get things going this year. Um, that’s you isn’t it. This year that is. Well look, I’ve never talked to a year […]

Christmas speaks to the messy, bloody birth waters of our soul

Christmas as we know it has been culturally crafted over thousands of years around a base narrative concerning a family in Roman-occupied Israel. Each December various scientists, atheists and pot-shotters are trotted out with their latest theories debunking Christmas and erstwhile Christian intellectuals and apologists bravely rally to defend the seasonal ground. Others argue over […]