Atmosphere brings distortion but also life

‘Images of the eclipse show a crisp lunar horizon, because the moon has no atmosphere that would distort light.’ Atmosphere brings distortion but it also brings life. The moon may pose beautifully for photos but you wouldn’t want to live there. So often the very things that bring potential for distortion or confusion or chaos […]

Job of the week, cleaning five million holes…

Spotted these two high above Broadway, Sydney, on the side of the newest University of Technology Sydney (UTS) building. I was wondering if they were cleaning the holes and if so, they are probably still there… The top end of Broadway now features an interesting array of architecture with this meandering structure alongside the iconic […]

If we throw away the Way, where will we go?

Please, don’t throw away the Cross. By all means throw me away – my vain words, my frail actions, my petty sacrifices, my faint witness. Walk away from religion and the trappings of institutions; the rules of men and the practise of aggrandisement. Call to account the priestly paedophiles, the pastoral pilferers and the plastic prophets. Reject listless nominalism, […]