Something’s happening in Ukraine

Something’s happening in Ukraine Yet the pictures don’t make sense Seems some tourists must be visiting Hope the locals don’t take offence I see them lolling among sunflowers I see them resting where they lay Surely frolicing in green fields Or dropping by for a farm-stay Now they climb aboard the green train More sightseeing […]

Good Anzac

While leaders erred their courage held Bloodied birth waters for a young nation Anzac Day. Not so far from there a crowd yelled Bloody minded in their mob betrayal Good Friday. Quiet days that soar still on our modern calendars Far places weighing on our clever consciences Calvary and Anzac Cove say, ‘Not my will, […]

Good Friday Fashion

Pockets of unbelief Some bulging overcoat-size, fit the world in here Doctor Who style Others faux, stitched, finger-blocking and smug, for appearance Many inside jackets, back of jeans, silently or savagely stashed Superior, mildly scornful, more dismissive, of my Happy Easter greeting, not returned. Broad swathes of just-believing cloth But blowing in the wind, somewhat […]

Peace on earth, good will…

Peace on earth? Don’t tell me there’s a book, blog or documentary pope, priest or commentary that will make it alright Can’t yell me to believe in stronger  legislation better educate them to take away the fright I’m not going for no positive reinforcement expert’s free endorsement to mitigate the sight 22, Chenpeng children, kitchen-knife […]

Slim Moment

Mantel’s Cromwell stands amidst the past like a house burned down It fattens your thought like cholesterol in your veins Like tar in your lungs The past clings to things heavily And you carry the weight without knowing Your fastest manoeuvre is leadened, leavened And you blame the present Ignoring the heavy metal armour of yesterday […]

Anger is viral, on buses and closer to home

Foul and racist attacks by passengers on a bus are abhorrent. Clamouring comfortable classes taking the high ground just as bad. We don’t yell at green light negators in the silence of our traffic doom? We don’t name call and swear blindly in our political houses? We don’t rant and hate in our ivory cafe froth […]

Central Railway Pedestrian Tunnel #2

‘Get your copy of the Big Issue’. [Sees me] ‘C’mon big fella, We’re looking for a good second rower… Just five dollars All proceeds to help the disadvantaged’. [Nervous laugh – mine] Girl to girl, ‘You don’t want too?’ Voice in the air, ‘See ya dude!’ [Exit up the stairs] Pool of thick, red substance […]