Anger is viral, on buses and closer to home

Foul and racist attacks by passengers on a bus are abhorrent.
Clamouring comfortable classes taking the high ground just as bad.

We don’t yell at green light negators in the silence of our traffic doom?
We don’t name call and swear blindly in our political houses?
We don’t rant and hate in our ivory cafe froth feel good talk fests?

Anger at missing out, on being on the outside, on being no one is rampant.
No entitlement other than you were born here and someone else wasn’t.
Use this – empowered – with your best vocabulary, no other example to follow.
Anyone who has worked the streets with love sees it all the time and does not “sit back and record”.
They get involved by breaking little barriers daily in a Saviour’s calm.

Foul-mouth comedian criticises foul-mouth passengers because his foul is better than their foul.
Neither are excused nor me nor you.

What do you think?

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