Perry perched on precipice of prayer

You’ll hear more and more about Rick Perry in coming days and most of it will be bad. Not to say that he is bad, but being a conservative Christian who is demonstrative about his faith and running for US president ensures he’ll get plenty of bad press. Maybe he deserves it, but don’t believe […]

Margaret gets straight to the big issue

I’ve been buying The Big Issue on and off for a while and more recently have bought it twice from the vendor in Central Railway Pedestrian Tunnel who once welcomed me as a good-looking second-row forward. I’m still trying to work out if that was a compliment or otherwise. The Big Issue is ‘an independent […]

266 successes or 99 failures?

On January 1, 2010 I boldly proclaimed on Utterance my new year’s resolution to post to the blog daily throughout the year. Now that we have inexorably made our way to the last day of the year, the handy WordPress stats tell me I’ve posted (from memory as I’m writing this from my non-stats accessible […]

True or feel, right or real

In life, some of us more than others, some more than me, do not carefully plan to speak the truth, but rather cannot help but speak what they feel. And what they feel is always the truth in that it is real, although not always right. Anyone of us who always insists on being right […]

A silence that leads to nails through hands

It’s hard having a Saviour who remained silent and weaponless even though he knew it would end with nails through his limbs. Instead of raising his voice and his might in vindication he quietly accepted crucifixion. Instead of shouting ‘you’re to blame!’ he whisphered ‘Father forgive them’. When he could have denounced them with ‘You […]

Light at the end of the tunnel and inside as well

We’ve all heard the saying ‘there’s light at the end of the tunnel.’ I certainly hope that is the case for you right now. But many of the tunnels we drive through are lit throughout which kind of messes with the metaphor. And it raises for me a seriously important question, one that first came […]

Lawyers, trivia and how the world was won

I woke up to a radio interview with a celebrity lawyer saying how he would have loved to defend Jesus in his crucixion trial. The lawyer went on to say he would have gotsuccessfully defended Jesus and that Jesus was a great philosopher and reforming rabbi who had less to do with Christianity than Paul. […]

View from Bondi

Two buses and half a develoment day later and I’m enjoying a few moments gazing across the beach at Bondi. One man wears a hooded dressing gown, towel wrapped around underneath, speedos in hand. Two Asian tourists sit on a low brick fence, drinking water and chatting happily. Three ancient mariners have plodded their way […]

Rainbow on Broadway, Sydney

Someone recently told me God would kill me in a flood. The rainbow reminds me God has promised to never again judge the world punishable by flood. Not even me. To the contrary, he finished all earthly punishment on a Roman cross 2000 years ago, his Son the subsitutionary bearer. As we know, there are […]