Outrage of public ‘marking’ of athlete contrasts with deathly ‘marking’ of Mosul Christians

A highly-paid athletics coach publicly criticises a highly paid athlete, in the midst of our wealthy country’s medal spree at the Commonwealth Game. Massive media space is devoted to expressions of outrage and an attempt to understand how this could happen. The coach, Eric Hollingsworth, is ‘stripped’ of his Commonwealth Games credentials and stood down […]

Atmosphere brings distortion but also life

‘Images of the eclipse show a crisp lunar horizon, because the moon has no atmosphere that would distort light.’ Atmosphere brings distortion but it also brings life. The moon may pose beautifully for photos but you wouldn’t want to live there. So often the very things that bring potential for distortion or confusion or chaos […]

More than a label

I was walking in the sunshine at University of Sydney with my little grand daughter who needed a short break from church in the old Geology building. We came across a tree (pictured) with beautiful patterned bark, soft and flakey, and gentle spindly branches that were almost silhouetted against the blue sky. I laid my […]

Something’s happening in Ukraine

Something’s happening in Ukraine Yet the pictures don’t make sense Seems some tourists must be visiting Hope the locals don’t take offence I see them lolling among sunflowers I see them resting where they lay Surely frolicing in green fields Or dropping by for a farm-stay Now they climb aboard the green train More sightseeing […]

Unity and uniqueness

It’s good to stand together, prefer one another, consider others better, bear one another’s burdens, weep with those who weep and laugh with those who laugh. Re-digging the ancient wells of your father. It’s good to follow the narrow path, hear the call of God, use the gifts you have, make the most of the […]

Job of the week, cleaning five million holes…

Spotted these two high above Broadway, Sydney, on the side of the newest University of Technology Sydney (UTS) building. I was wondering if they were cleaning the holes and if so, they are probably still there… The top end of Broadway now features an interesting array of architecture with this meandering structure alongside the iconic […]

I finished a novel and didn’t notice

I’ve been stealing moments to write my first novel for so long now that when I wrote the last scene I was caught unawares. Tidying up some spelling and rushed typing I saved the file and then noticed that the pressure to go on, to finish, had gone. Then I realised. That was it. The […]

Good Anzac

While leaders erred their courage held Bloodied birth waters for a young nation Anzac Day. Not so far from there a crowd yelled Bloody minded in their mob betrayal Good Friday. Quiet days that soar still on our modern calendars Far places weighing on our clever consciences Calvary and Anzac Cove say, ‘Not my will, […]