Go and see The Blind Side

“A project for the projects,” jokes one of Leigh Anne Tuohy’s well-to do friends about her taking a poor, black American teenager into her home.

“Count me in”, she says. But want she doesn’t realise is that it isn’t a project, it’s personal.

When one human heart is moved by God and broken for another human being, projects, politics and political correctness go out the window.

As Shane Claiborne said in the Irresistible Revolution, it’s not that Christians don’t care for the poor, it’s that they don’t know the poor.

What  this true story shows is a wealthy middle American mum stepping out of her charity mentality and putting herself in another person’s world and allowing them into hers.

This will always create miracles, regardless of your politics, and your colour.

At the end, Sandra Bullock playing Leigh Anne Tuohy thanks God for the privilege of being able to share her life with Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron).

Well she might. Afterall, it was God who sent His Son to share his life not only with us, but as one of us, that we might live. PH

Oscar puts Avatar in the Hurt Locker

It was hard to feel sorry for Avatar director, James Cameron, when his film missed out on all the major Academy Awards this week. After all, he does have billions at the box office for consolation.

Another reason is that the Oscars ceremony took so long it was hard to feel anything by the end of it. (I recommend that the Tropfest people take over the Academy Awards and then it will all be over in the roll of a dice!)

When you consider the sweep of movies to be nominated and to win,  some clear themes emerge.Read More »