Oscar puts Avatar in the Hurt Locker

It was hard to feel sorry for Avatar director, James Cameron, when his film missed out on all the major Academy Awards this week. After all, he does have billions at the box office for consolation.

Another reason is that the Oscars ceremony took so long it was hard to feel anything by the end of it. (I recommend that the Tropfest people take over the Academy Awards and then it will all be over in the roll of a dice!)

When you consider the sweep of movies to be nominated and to win,  some clear themes emerge.

The Hurt Locker, Precious, The Blind Side, Crazy Heart and Up all carry powerful stories of sacrifice, redemption and love.

President of MovieMinistry.com, Marc T Newman (PhD), in an article published this week, comments that Cameron’s ‘neo-pagan/environmental vision was trounced in all the categories that focus on storytelling’.

Dr Newman said it was ‘tales of sacrifice and redemption’ that scooped the awards, ‘at least in the main categories for screenplay, three of the four main acting awards, direction, best animated feature and best picture.’

‘Avatar was an eye-popping film, so it justifiably won a fistful of technical awards,’ Dr Newman writes.

‘But with a nation at war, an economy in shambles, in the midst of political uncertainty, the Academy largely awarded films that celebrated the triumph of the human spirit, the healing power of love, and the heroism of those who risk all to save the lives of their comrades.

‘As these films get the expected Oscar bump – if they are still in theatres – or find a second life on DVD, such stories invite reflection, response, and discussion.

Christians have their own tales of triumph, healing, forgiveness, and heroism. With these themes brought to the fore by this year’s Academy Awards, we should find ways to share them.’

Read the full text of Dr Newman’s article.

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