Transform Your Faith now available

To the right of this post you can see a ‘badge’ for my self-published book called Transform Your Faith.

It is my first attempt at self-publishing and hopefully not my last foray into the world of publishing!

I have just received the first ‘test’ run of 10 copies. They look pretty good and if you would like one, please let me know asap – they cost $30 which might seem a little high but it includes a $10 donation to aid projects I’m involved in through ChangeMakers. The rest of the cover price covers the cost of printing and delivery.

Actually, you can purchase a copy directly for yourself by clicking on the Transform Your Life badge but if you would like to see one first (which is fair enough) then there’ll be copies on display at Eternity this weekend.

I’ll put some details about the little book on the Reading page of this blog (when I get a chance). I think it would be very useful for anyone wanting to focus their faith over a 2-3 month period and be challenged to be more real, more active and more balanced in how they follow Jesus.

It may come as a surprise to you that Australia scores relatively low in the number of books it publishes each year (behind New Zealand, for example) and this figure is even lower for Christian titles as we are absolutely swamped by American titles.

Perhaps, in the future, we may be able to do something about this. One of my long-term dreams has been either to write or publish a truly literary Australian novel with a Christian perspective. One day. PH

3 thoughts on “Transform Your Faith now available

    • Thanks Ruth. If you have any problems with the link which is provided by the publisher (ie you buy directly from them and they credit my account) let me know and I can make sure you get one through my own supply. Thanks for the support.

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