Fighting back into positive territory

Fighting back into positive territory is a cliche associated, most commonly, with the share market where it describes stocks, or indeed the whole market, moving from loss into gain. Of course shares and markets are not personal beings that can fight back into anything and so it is a pity this phrase is so often […]

Faith shines, undaunted by broken bodies

I have witnessed holy moments this week, acts of faith largely unseen but shining brightly in an invisible kingdom. They have left me humbled and undone. The first I witnessed personally, the second through the eyes of others. Standing in a rehabilitation hospital I am surrounded by septuagenarians and find myself playing the role of the […]

Jeffry leaves us far too quickly

One of the last times I saw Jeffry alive was as we gathered around a single candle flickering on the white tiled floor of the children’s home in Bali. It was the first time that I had stayed overnight at the home and, although the home-parents had set me up in my own room with a […]

Flourishing grace blooms despite grey skies

While the sun shines today, the past two weeks in Sydney have seen almost constant rain, clouds and cold with the occasional blustery wind to ensure we all got wet more than once. The plants around our courtyards, while at first welcoming the moisture, after a week or so seem to be putting their hands […]

Get the jump on hairy panic

It used to be the respectfully named Umbrella Grass that rolled in on a westerly wind and stacked up against farm houses like a dusty, dry dump of snow. But a new wispy villain is covering the land, and it’s a grass aptly known as Hairy Panic. While there is some evidence that its seeds […]

God help us: Bali Nine pray

Having sat on the floor in the steamy visiting room of Kerobokan Prison with Andrew Chan and others of the Bali 9, any news of their faith and well-being holds a special interest. While the media rarely comprehends their faith, or the nature of their ordeal, today’ s report in the Sydney Morning Herald gives some insight. […]

Between our worst and his best…

Between the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ there was an agonising pause for his disciples. Faint memories of a promised return battled with abject shame, guilt, confusion sorrow and fear. This pattern is often repeated in life. The despair of our worst is tested by time – the wait, the replays, the not knowing, the what-ifs, the […]

Go and see The Blind Side

“A project for the projects,” jokes one of Leigh Anne Tuohy’s well-to do friends about her taking a poor, black American teenager into her home. “Count me in”, she says. But want she doesn’t realise is that it isn’t a project, it’s personal. When one human heart is moved by God and broken for another […]

Red castanets and other amazing things

Yesterday my father lay in intensive care having come through a long and delicate operation to remove a tumour on his spine and to repair the damaged vertebrae. With wires and tubes protruding everywhere, and a neck brace surrounding his head, he raised his eyes and in his post-surgery  voice said, “He was wounded for our transgressions […]