God help us: Bali Nine pray

Having sat on the floor in the steamy visiting room of Kerobokan Prison with Andrew Chan and others of the Bali 9, any news of their faith and well-being holds a special interest. While the media rarely comprehends their faith, or the nature of their ordeal, today’ s report in the Sydney Morning Herald gives some insight.

Christians in Bali (including workers from our own church) work hard to support the Bali 9 and Schapelle Corby. Please continue to pray for them. Check out today’s report: God help us: Bali Nine pray.

2 thoughts on “God help us: Bali Nine pray

  1. Both Indonesian law (and Australian law), are based on the presumption of “Innocence.” That means that the prosecution have to prove their case against a defendant, using reasonable evidence. They have to build a case. This is a core legal rule. The defendant does not have to “Prove” their innocence. However, due (I believe), to corrupt collusion between the Indonesian and Australian Governments, this normal (and legally required), protocol was junked. Schapelle’s unlocked bag was out of her control for many hours, and she said she had no connection to the marijuana that was found in it. It was up to the prosecution to prove that the drugs were hers, and that she knowingly placed them in her luggage. This would have involved luggage weight at Bali (to compare it to the check-in weight at Brisbane), fingerprint & DNA evidence (from Schapelle), within the drugs bag, CCTV (video) evidence from any of the airports, a search of her home premises in Australia (for evidence of drug trafficking), and an investigation of her phone and banking records to link her with drug smuggling. Not a single element of this physical or circumstantial evidence, was ever presented to the court, even though Schapelle begged for weights, DNA/Fingerprinting and CCTV. In fact, the physical evidence (the drugs), were burnt by Indonesia, even as Schapelle begged for forensic testing. Further still, the Australian police did not preserve a single frame of airport CCTV, they did not search her home premises, and they did not investigate her phone and banking records. It also transpired (later), that the exact same Australian baggage handling crew that dealt with Schapelle’s luggage, were guilty of taking $300,000 kickbacks to smuggle cocaine. But again, this information was never made available to the Indonesian Court by the AFP. This blog post will also provide you with more detail (especially in relation to AFP corruption, if you Google the suggested terms)

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